solar energy

Harvesting Solar Energy using an Umbrella

The conventional use of an umbrella is to keep away the sun and rain. But this is not your ordinary umbrella, it is inverted, huge, catches rainwater and purifies it and transforms sunlight into energy.

India receives high levels of rainfall throughout the year most of it is wasted. Monsoon or rainy season sweeps the country beginning in late May and last up to September. South India normally receives more rainfall.

Solar Energy for Common Homes and Businesses Becomes Accessible through Financing Options

Greenpeace Philippines gathered solar providers and financing institutions from all over the country to discuss the importance of solar energy on common homes and businesses.

Given the circumstance that solar energy is accessible to most Filipinos, Greenpeace Philippines wants consumers to see the available easy financing options in the market to help increase the use of renewable energy. The aim was to avail financing packages to lessen the initial cost of installation while already saving on energy costs over the long term of use.