3D-Micromac supplies laser tools for PERC migration at Hanwha Q CELLS China cell plant

Laser micromachining specialist 3D-Micromac said it was supplying Hanwha Q CELLS solar cell plant in Qidong, Jiangsu-province, China with its microCELL OTF laser system for its recently announced transition from Al-BSF (Aluminium Back Surface Field) to PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear

Hydrogen cars for the masses one step closer to reality

World Bank to provide US$100 million financing for Indian solar parks

The Indian government has signed a $98 million loan agreement and US$2 million grant agreement with the World Bank to support Indian solar parks. The first two solar park projects are located in the state of Madhya Pradesh with a total capacity of 1GW.


What Is Solar Energy? How Solar Power Plant Works

As we all know solar energy works with the help of sunlight and is said to be more reliable and long-lasting as the sun is about 4.5 billion years old. It is a renewable energy as it produces electricity by sun’s rays and hence help in generating electricity without making harm to the nature.


Remote Filipino university gets solar-plus-storage systems

Kennedy Renewable + Technology Corp in partnership with AC Energy will provide solar-plus-storage systems in seven school campus buildings in the Island of Tawi-Tawi, south Philippines. Mostly in this remote province, just 30% of the population has access to electricity, with most power sourced from diesel

County commissioners approve 40MW PV project in South Dakota

Fall River County Commissioners have approved of the vacating of intersecting sections lines in Minnekahta Valley, South Dakota that will push along the develop of a 40MW PV project. Following this approval, which was decided during a public hearing on Nov. 7 by project developer 174 Power Global, construction

BNEF raises China’s solar installation forecast to 54GW

Market research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance has followed the lead set by China trade bodies and significantly raised its solar installation forecast for China in 2017. ACEA has noted that they had already exceeded their target of 105GW by installing around 10.52GW of solar in July.


China on Pace for Record Solar-Power Installations

China, the world's biggest carbon emitter, is poised to install a record amount of solar power capacity this year 2017, allowing researches to boost forecasts as much as 80 percent. About 54 gigawatts will be put in place this year, Bloomberg New Energy Finance said on Monday. raising a forcast of more than 30 gigawatts

International solar alliance to support setting up 1000 GW of solar energy capacity 

India. The country's Prime Minister gets ambitious on solar energy. An  International Solar Alliance announces a target to support setting up 1000GW of solar energy capacity by 2030 across its member countries. Read full details....

Sunny future for renewables thanks to China: IEA

The IEA's annual World Energy Outlook report stated that over the next quarter century, the world's growing energy needs will be sustained first by renewables, while there are likely to be fewer new plants generating electricity by burning dirty coal.