High time for smart energy solutions

Pierre Cheyron is a chief executive officer of ENGIE Services Asia-Pacific which is a 50-year-old French company with a grand history, having built the Suez Canal in the 19th century. The French company is looking into dealing with business on low carbon and sustainable solutions of the entire energy chain.


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Sri Lanka approves RfP for 90 solar projects of 1MW capacity each

CEB, The Ceylon Electricity Board allowed 90 small-scale solar projects to be tendered under the second stage of the Suryabala Sangramaya Programme. This programme will allow to bring solar power to households, religious places, hotels, commercial establishments and industries across Sri Lanka and is

The consolidation of their thermal businesses will account for half of Japan's fossil-fuel capacity. Japan Fair Trade Commission gave its nod as it determined that the alliance won't adversely affect the fair competition.

Asia Clean Capital and Danone China Food & Beverage join hands to start solar projects

Zhongshan, China, October 17, 2017- Asia Clean Capital (ACC) and Danone China Food and Beverages (Danone) on October 13, 2017 held the grid-connection ceremony for Zhongshan Factory's solar project in Zhongshan City, Guangdong province. Many government officials attended the

Solar Philippines To Sell Power To Constestable Customers

Solar Philippines is looking to sell power generated by its two solar farms to costumers whos consumption reaches the required threshold and could buy electricity through retail suppliers. The Department of Energy has already drafted two circulars thats look to re-start regulations on retail competition and open

Sun Electric wins tender to install solar panels on JTC buildings

A 15-year contract with Singapore-based Sun Electric will allow the latter to install solar panels on the rooftops of 27 JTC buildings turning to more thatn 5 megawatt-peak (MWp) of generated electricity from solar.  Solar panels are expected to be installed over the coming years and to start selling

Phinma Energy to develop solar energy in Batangas, Philippines

Phinma Energy Corporation has signed a solar energy service contract with the Department of Energy to support plans of a 45-magawatt solar farm in Batangas. The company said the contract was good for 25 years, which could be extended for another 25 years


PH solar panel facility to revitalize local renewable energy industry

The Secretary of the Department of Energy stated the inauguration of the first Filipino-owned solar panel facility. It was a testament to the goernment's progress in revitalizing the local renewable energy industry for the benefit of the consumers and the economy. Cusi said the the government is still

More SM malls get solar power

Giant SM Supermalls continues its partnerships with Solar Philippines by putting up solar roofs on its malls. This month 3 supermalls we're finsihed and 5 more upcoming supermalls has been planned.

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Palawan CSOs see hope in Renewable Portfolio Standards

Palawan Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) considers the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) as long overdue, and they say that Puerto Prinsesa City, Palawan gives them a glimmer of hope as it will compel the power distributor Palawan Electric Cooperative to finally tap the province's rich renewable energy (RE)