Solar Energy Round-up - Oct. 12, 2017

Solar Energy Round-up - Oct. 12, 2017

PH solar panel facility to revitalize local renewable energy industry

The Secretary of the Department of Energy stated the inauguration of the first Filipino-owned solar panel facility. It was a testament to the goernment's progress in revitalizing the local renewable energy industry for the benefit of the consumers and the economy. Cusi said the the government is still providing a playing field for investors for various energy technologies that benefit the Filipino consumers.

Source: Manila Bulletin


The Largest Rail Network in Asia Just Debuted a Solar-Paneled Train

The Indian Railways rolled out a train that uses solar panels to power the fans, light, and electronic display systems independent of the engine that uses diesel. The new train significantly decreased diesel consumption. The company plans to put solar panels on 24 more trains in the near future.

Source: Futurism


An ambitious energy export plan could see solar power generated in Western Australia's north-west piped to Indonesia.

A report that was authored by Australian and Indonesian researches showed the potential of transporting energy from Pilbara to Asia. The study found that it was possible to export energy from Pilbara and send it to Indonesia via a High Voltage Current. The pilot project could create up to 2,000 jobs in Pilbara and more than 12,000 jobs in Western Australia.

Source: ABC