Solar Energy News Roundup for April 1, 2018

Solar Energy News Roundup for April 1, 2018

20K Solar Kits Headed to Africa for Off-Grid Power Support

The Orange SA is planning to distribute as many as 20,000 solar kits in four African countries in partnership with U.K.-based renewable-energy firm BBOXX as an increasing number of companies seek to roll out off-grid solar power on the continent.



New high-performance polymer optical fibre designed to obtain solar energy

A polymer optical fibre that acts as a luminescent solar concentrator has been fabricated by Itxaso Parola. It is the first time that a polymer optical fiber containing organic and inorganic components is used as a solar concentrator. In  2017, only 3% of the energy consumed came from wind, sunlight and biomass, experts believe that photovoltaic technology has the largest growth prospects. It is more improved solar energy installation.

Source: pvmagazine


Pakistan’s Sindh details 400MW solar parks and 250,000 solar homes plan

The government of Sindh in Pakistan has prepared a framework to address the potential environmental, resettlement, and social impacts associated with its major solar initiative. A pioneering scheme in Pakistan, the Sindh Solar Energy Program (SSEP), aims to support solar deployment in the province across utility-scale, distributed generation and residential segments. The project is not entirely Sindh focused as the aim is to spur on other Pakistani provinces

Source: PVTECH